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History of School

Seventy-First High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has a rich history that dates back to 1924. The school was formed through the consolidation of six schools in the Seventy-First Township: McPherson, Glendale, Haymount, Kornbow, Westover, and Galatia. This consolidation led to the establishment of the new school on the Glendale site, named after the township itself. The township’s name derived from Scottish immigrants who were descendants of the 71st Regiment of Foot, Fraser’s Highlanders, a notable Scots regiment in the British Army.

The original school building, completed in November 1924, was a two-story structure with thirteen classrooms catering to grades one through twelve. It welcomed an inaugural enrollment of 367 students. The school’s first graduation ceremony took place on May 25, 1925, with a graduating class of five students. This original building is now home to the Seventy-First Classical Middle School.

The school witnessed significant growth and expansion over the years. In 1962, a new building was constructed across the street, and further expansions occurred regularly, including the addition of new wings in 1965 and 1967, and the construction of huts between 1966 and 1972, and then from 1973 to 1976. The 1970s saw the addition of new sports facilities, full accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and the opening of new vocational and greenhouse buildings. By the 1976-1977 academic year, the student population had surged to 2,544, making it the most populated secondary school in North Carolina at the time.

In response to this rapid growth, new schools such as Douglas Byrd High School and Westover High School were opened in 1972 and 1977, respectively, to help manage the increasing student numbers. Since 1977, the enrollment at Seventy-First has remained stable.

A major shift occurred in 1985 when the Cumberland County and Fayetteville City school systems merged, forming the Cumberland County School System, which is now the fourth-largest in the state. Today, Seventy-First High School continues to be an integral part of this school system.

Photo of football player running with the ball

2023 Football Success

The 71st High School football team, also known as the Seventy-First Falcons, has demonstrated impressive performance in recent times. Here are some key details about their recent activities:

Season Performance: The Seventy-First High School football team had an outstanding regular season with an overall record of 14-0. They achieved a 100% win percentage and were first in their conference with a 7-0 record. Their performance at home was equally impressive with an 8-0 record, and they also maintained a solid performance in away games with a 6-0 record.

Playoff Progress: The team reached the Final Four of the NCHSAA football playoffs. This is a significant achievement, indicating their competitive prowess in the tournament.

State Championship Aspirations: The Seventy-First Falcons are aiming for their fourth NCHSAA state championship. This ambition reflects the team’s strong tradition and history in high school football excellence.

Regional Final Victory: In the 2023 NCHSAA football championships, the Seventy-First team won the 3A East Regional final, overcoming Northern Nash with a score of 50-36. This victory secured their place in the state championship games.

Semifinal Scores: In the state semifinal round, the Seventy-First team’s score against Northern Nash was 50-36, further highlighting their strong performance in the championship.

These achievements underscore the team’s skill, determination, and successful season, making them a notable team in the high school football landscape.

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Notable Standouts from the Football Program

Doug McDougald: NFL defensive end
Everett McIver: NFL Offensive Guard – Super Bowl Winner
Marvin Powell: NFL All-Pro Offensive Tackle
Harry Sydney: NFL Running Back
Dwayne “Hollywood” Pelham: NFL Free Agent Running Back and Linebacker
Charles “Chuckie” Johnson: NFL Defensive Tackle
James Singletary: NFL Drafted by Colts 7th Round
Greg Williams:
Mike Jones: Strong Safety
Kenny Jones: Quarterback
Kyler Davis: Quarterback Norfolk State

Today, we are supporting Seventy-One Football by raising money to replace and upgrade school football equipment. You can donate by clicking the yellow button.

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